Why Hojat kitchen cabinetery?


1. Shopping for a kitchen and bath design firm can be a weighty task. The marketplace is full of kitchen and bath retailers of all sizes and descriptions.

2. Some have huge showroom, many staff resulting in extremely high overhead and expensive cabinet. Others sell from smaller showrooms but carry lower quality imported cabinets and pre-fabricated doors.
Finally there are large hardware stores carrying everything and anything. The initial cost of big box stores look attractive, however when you add the cost of trim, soft close drawers etc, the cost rises dramatically.

3. As you research your options, consider a “local kitchen and bath design firm”. A “local kitchen and bath design firm” is defined as one that has roots in your community and whose owners and employees are your neighbors, friends, associates, perhaps relatives and all truly appreciate your business and your referrals.

4. Among the local kitchen and bath design firms there a number of signs that will help you separate the good from the great!

5. Ask these questions of other companies

    • Are the doors handmade or purchased from another supplier?
    • Are the cabinet boxes made in house or purchased from another supplier?
    • Can you pick a custom stain if you don’t like the stock colors?
    • Is the hardware cost very high?
    • Can your kitchen be customized if you have a “different” floor layout?

    6. At HOJAT'S KITCHEN AND CABINET we make and stain every door, make every cabinet box and assemble it all together.



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